Is Botanalytics for free? What's the pricing?
Yes, you can use all Botanalytics features for free.

What is the easiest way to integrate with your platform a Facebook messenger bot?
We have a simple one-click integration with Facebook. Please go to Sign up page and click on "Sign up with Facebook" button.

Do you have integration into voice skills on Alexa or Google Assistant?
We do have integration with Alexa and Google Assistant but we don't receive voices, we receive conversations, messages, intents, actions and provide analytics for them.

If I integrate with your platform, are you able to pull previous conversation data?
We do not have access to any historical data. So the sooner you integrate the better.

Can I use your services for my Telegram bot?
Yes, you can. Please follow the integration instructions from our website. We support
Telegram via Microsoft Bot Framework.

I just integrated my bot but I don't see any data coming. What should I do?
If you just completed your integration, you need to wait a couple of minutes to see the data coming.

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