Insights subsection allows reaching all the users and conversation transcripts after filtering. Filtering option consists of 4 breakdowns: User Profile, User Activity, Engagement, Segmentation & Funnels. 

User Profile: You can select the location, gender, time zone and language options to filter your users & conversations. 

User Activity: You can select the options such as last interaction date (first seen, last seen), video upload, audio upload, image upload, location share, button click.

Engagement: You can filter the conversations according to conversation steps, total conversations, session length, top users, new users & returning users.

Segmentation & Funnels: If you have created events & funnels previously (check Segmentation), you can select your specific event or funnel to see who completed them.

After you filter the conversations you can click on the user and start to examine all the conversations through Conversation Insight tab. You may also select the date range from the upper section to filter according to the dates.

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